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Cowan-Ramser House | Photo © 2018 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Cowan-Ramser House

Dr. William Lockhart Cowan What would later be known as Colonel White & Sons Funeral Home, the Cowan-Ramser House was constructed in the 1840s by local physician Dr. William Lockhart Cowan...

Allan Lucy Murder House | Photo © 2020 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Allan Lucy Murder House

Allan Lucy was murdered in 1985 by his adoptive father and buried under the family home in Uniontown and wouldn't be discovered until 1994.

Childhood Home of Rosa Parks | Photo © 2020 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Rosa Parks’ Childhood Home

Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the background, 1955 Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee to Leona, a school teacher, and James McCauley, a skilled...

Moulthrop House | Photo © 2020 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Moulthrop House

The Shorter family Located high atop a bluff overlooking Lake Eufaula lays the ruins of the Moulthrop house and the Shorter family cemetery. The bluff was home to the early settlers of Eufaula in the...

Winter Place | Photo © 2019 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Winter Place

Joseph S. Winter’s first house, 1851 John Gano Winter was born in 1799 in New York City and settled in Augusta, Georgia years later. He married Lucinda Bennett and in 1821, gave birth to their...

Benjamin W. Walker House | Photo © 2019 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Benjamin W. Walker House

Cottage Hill District The Benjamin W. Walker House at 301 North Goldthwaite Street is the best example of Queen Anne-style architecture in the Cottage Hill District. The district was planned out in...

Hilltop Arms Apartments | Photo © 2019 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Hilltop Arms Apartments

The HIlltop Arms Apartments in 2006. Julie Bennett, Montgomery Advertiser Located just on the outskirts of the Cottage Hill District are the remains of the Hilltop Arms Apartments building. Built in...

Grove Court Apartments | Photo © 2019 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Grove Court Apartments

Pre-1947 Three houses occupied the lot prior to the Grove Court Apartments owned by some of the most prominent citizens of Montgomery. In early-1947, the site was chosen for the Grove Court...

Town of Spectre | Photo © 2017 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

The Town of Spectre

The town of Spectre in Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” Spectre is a fictional town in the 2003 Tim Burton film “Big Fish” and written by Birmingham native Daniel Wallace. In the movie...

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