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rocky hill castle

Rocky Hill Castle

Table of Contents Saunders AncestryCol. James E. SaundersWar Between the StatesRocky Hill CastleThe Slave Quarters‘The Little Rebel’Hauntings and LegendsBuried TreasureThe Ghost of the...

Goodwater Casket Factory | Photo © 2022, www.abandonedalabama.com

Goodwater Casket Factory

Table of Contents Jones Stephen Gilliland Sr.Joseph Forney GillilandSouthern Casket CompanyCasket Assembly ProcessSteel CasketsGoodwater Coffin FestivalDemise of Goodwater’s Casket...

32nd Street baptist Church

32nd Street Baptist Church

Table of Contents Dr. Ellis M. MortonWallace Rayfield, ArchitectC. L. Franklin, Pastor32nd Street Baptist Church, 1940s-2021Failed development projectsDemolitionPhoto GalleryReferences Dr. Ellis M...

Norris Underwood House | Photo © 2019 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Norris Underwood Residence

Table of Contents Norris UnderwoodIrondale Fabricating CompanyArrestUnderwood ResidencePhoto GalleryReferences Norris Underwood Norris Eugene Underwood was born on May 13, 1926. According to his...

brame house 1980

Brame House

Table of Contents Property dates back to 1862402 South Hull StreetRenovations and alterationsDemolitionSix-month reprieveReferences Property dates back to 1862 The Brame House, also known as the...

DSC 0585 2

Fountain Heights Methodist Church

Table of Contents Reverend Francis Woodward BrandonFountain Heights Methodist ChurchWilliam Ernest Spink, architectWeather Bureau BuildingClosureDemolitionReferences Reverend Francis Woodward Brandon...

Tan-Kar Blue and Gray Filling Station | Photo © 2022 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Tan-Kar Oil Company

Table of Contents Tan-Kar Red Devil World War IITire RationingGasoline RationingRebranding and expansionDeclinePhoto GalleryReferences The Tan-Kar Oil Company was founded in 1928 by Moses Wadsworth...

Wetumpka Calaboose | Photo © 2022 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Wetumpka Calaboose

Table of Contents History of Wetumpka1845 Commercial District Fire1852 FireCivil WarResurgencePhoto GalleryReferences History of Wetumpka The Old Calaboose is located on Orline Street in Wetumpka...

Red Devil Lake | Photo © 2022 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Red Devil Lake

Table of Contents Moses Wadsworth Stuart Sr.Red Devil LakeDestruction or demolition?Ye Olde Water Wheel RestuarantWilliam Samuel Newell“Go to church or the devil will get you”Photo...

Wadley Railroad Depot | Photo © 2022 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Wadley Railroad Depot

Table of Contents Wadley’s FoundingAtlanta, Birmingham, and Atlantic RailroadWaycross Air Line RailroadAtlantic and Birmingham RailroadWadley DepotPhoto GalleryReferences Wadley’s...

Mount Ida Plantation | Photo © 2022 Bullet, www.abandonedalabama.com

Mount Ida Plantation

Table of Contents Major Walker E. ReynoldsMount IdaBirth of a NationDestructionPhoto GalleryReferences Major Walker E. Reynolds Mount Ida, also known as the Walker Reynolds House, was an antebellum...


Thomas M. Cowles Mansion

Table of Contents Thomas M. CowlesMontgomery and West Point RailroadCowles MansionDemolitionReferences Thomas M. Cowles Major Thomas Merriweather Cowles was born in 1794 in Richmond County, Georgia...

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